1. When can I pick up my identification card (hereinafter referred to as IDK) - student or employee card?
    Students entering the first year (bachelor's, master's or doctoral) of study can pick up IDK first at the beginning of the academic year, i.e. from 1 September. Issue of all IDKs (student or employee cards) is then possible throughout the academic year with regard to the office hours of the card centres.
  2. Where can I pick up IDK?
    Since September 23, 2013, two contact points have been prepared for you, where we will issue the card, or advise or provide information about IDK at our university.
  3. What is the annual fee of ISIC, ALIVE Student, ALIVE Employee and ITIC?
    The fee for the acquisition of a licensed IDK at SU is set at CZK 250, annually the card is extended by a holographic stamp at a price of CZK 250 per piece. The fee is paid cashless according to these instructions.
  4. Why do I have to use only a holographic stamp for a fee on IDK with a license (ISIC, ALIVE, ITIC)?
    This condition is stipulated by a contractual agreement between the University and the authorized publisher and license administrator in the Czech Republic (GTS ALIVE s.r.o.). The condition is intended to limit the misuse of the appearance of the card without a valid license for unauthorized drawing of student and employee discounts for ISIC, ALIVE and ITIC cards.
  5. Can I apply for ISIC card even after I reach the age of 26?
    Yes, ISIC is not limited by age, but only by the form of study. ISIC IDK can only be held by students of the full-time form of study. For part-time study, we offer IDK with ALIVE license.
  6. What should I do if I lose my card?
    Immediately report its loss through the web application at https://karty.slu.cz. The login and password are the same as for logging into the IS SU or to the university e-mail account. For this purpose, use the tab “report the loss of a study card”. A lost IDK will be blocked due to its possible misuse and you will be provided with additional information according to the type and validity of your IDK.
    1. Submit a new application for IDK (right bid panel, "new request" tab).
    2. There is a handling fee of CZK 250 for the production and issue of IDK. Payment can only be made cashless.
      • a. if you apply for an ISIC, ALIVE or ITIC card, pay the amount of CZK 400 (CZK 250 for providing the license and the handling fee is CZK 150)
      • b. if you are applying for an unlicensed IDK, the amount of CZK 150 as a handling fee must be paid.
    3. The IDK production time depends on number of applications in the waitlist. Please, be patient. The IDK is produced only after the payment has been credited to the SU account. You can track the production status on the https://karty.slu.cz.
  7. Where can I find the current list of discounts provided to IDK holders with any of the ISIC/ITIC/ALIVE licenses?
    All the information on ISIC, ITIC and ALIVE discounts can be found at www.isic.cz.