Welcome Days for the first time with the international Buddy team

  • David Jančar
  • 03.10.2022
Before the beginning of each semester, the faculty holds Welcome Days (WD) for international students, aiming to bring international students closer to each other, integrate them into a new environment and familiarize them with study matters.

On 14-16 September 2022, the WD took place, where our international Buddy team also participated for the first time.  The team includes students from India, Nigeria and China, for example, who have already experienced the integration process first-hand in previous years, and so they are the ones who can best assess the needs of newly arrived students. So far in this semester, we have been able to welcome approximately 10 students mainly from India, Turkey, Spain and Bangladesh.

Within the WD, events were prepared for our foreign students, such as a trip to the city on the two banks of the river Olše - Těšín, which was successfully carried out on Wednesday and students could learn about the diverse history of our region, but also a lot of practical information about Czech-Polish relations. Thursday's planned hike to the Beskydy Mountains with a visit to the bobsleigh track had to be changed due to unplanned stormy weather, so we found an alternative indoor activity that could bring all the students together and that was the preparation of the 1st joint Czech lunch - potato pancakes!

On Friday, the enrolment of degree students took place, and a briefing on the faculty's information systems was also held. On Saturday, 17 September, students could get to know the Czech music scene thanks to the traditional mining festivities held in the Park of  Božena Němcová in Karviná. Welcome Days are successfully over and we wish the students many valuable experiences in Karviná and a rich student life.