We have obtained international certification for Team Academy!

  • Olha Hodunova
  • 12.06.2024
After more than 4 years since the initial idea and 2 years of actively running the Inovativní podnikání study program, which is based on the Finnish educational concept Team Academy, we have obtained official international certification from Tiimiakatemia Global Oy.

This means that we have passed a rigorous certification process, which concluded with an audit by the Finnish company. The result was exceedingly positive. We meet all the criteria to be included in the official list of Team Academy branches worldwide and can officially use the name Team Academy® Karviná.

As part of the certification process, our Finnish colleagues appreciated not only the implementation of the methodology into the Czech academic environment but also our open space facilities and the overall infrastructure of the faculty, where students have access to resources such as a Photolab equipped for audiovisual production. Crucial to this success is the support of the entire concept by the faculty and university leadership, without which such an innovative educational approach would not be possible. An example of this support is the construction of entirely new facilities for these purposes as part of the strategic CEPIS project. (cepis.slu.cz).

We are proud to be part of a global movement for change in entrepreneurial education and to contribute to this effort in a region that greatly needs it.

You can find more information about the study program on our website. inovativnipodnikani.cz.