Method of applying for IDK

  • only electronically - through:
    • application in the case of a student or employee card - more information can be found here
    • portal in the case of a alumni card - more information can  be found here


  • The application is possible from 1.8. to 31.7. of the given academic year.
  • Licensed IDK (i.e. identification cards with one of the ISIC/ITIC/ALIVE licenses) are valid until the end of the calendar year in which the academic year ends (e.g. until 31.12.2018 for the academic year 2017/2018).
  • An IDK  request can be submitted within one hour of the transfer
    • from status applicant-student to the status of a student by study officer in the information system of the study administration (but not earlier than after 1.8.)
    • from status applicant-employee to the status of employee by personnel officer in the information system of personnel administration

Procedure for submitting the application, production and issuance of IDK

1. Decide which type of card you are interested in.

2. Prepare a standard ID photo in electronic form. The parameters of this photo can be found below, as well as manuals for editing photos:

Parameters of a standard ID photo in electronic form:

  • 719 x 925 pixels at 96 dpi (or 230 x 296 at 300dpi)
  • jpg format,
  • The photo must be in color,
  • A monochrome, light background that doesn't blend in with the person you're photographing.
  • the photo must show not only the head, but also a part of the shoulders,
  • the person in the photo must not wear black glasses (except for the blind) or a headgear (except for health or religious reasons),
  • the person must be displayed in the front view and his gaze must be directed to the lens,
  • the head on the passport photo must be in a natural position without tilting to the side or forward or backward. A turned head or a look over the shoulder is not acceptable.
  • the height of the facial part of the head, i.e. the distance from the root of the nose to the chin, must not be less than a third of the total height of the photograph,
  • the top edge of the photo must be higher than the top edge of the head.
  • In case you do not have an access to any photo editing program, you can use this web application:
  • Editor by (Instructions)

3. Log in to the using your CRO username and password, use the same way of logging to an e-mail account (university email) or to an information system.

4. Select "Request a new card" from the menu in the right column. You cannot submit application if you have already been issued (in the past) with a card that is still active (card in circulation). You can't submit two applications at once. Wait until the application is processed or contact karty (at)

  • Check the accuracy of your data
  • Select the type of a card (if the card you selected is not in the menu, you are not entitled to apply for this type of card)
  • Select the place of issue of the card
  • Load a photo edited according to all the parameters described above.

5. To continue further, you must agree to provide personal data and a photo to SU.

6. After submitting the application, wait for the confirmation that will come to your university e-mail within 2 working days.

7. After receiving the confirmation, log in to the – payment instructions are displayed in the payment section.

  • Payment can only be made cashless
  • Before sending the payment, make sure that you have inserted the variable and specific symbol correctly.
  • If you do not insert it correctly or at all, your payment may not be traced.
  • If the payment is not credited to our account within 30 days, your application will be cancelled and the card will not be produced for you.
  • Within five working days of the payment being credited to our account, we will send you a confirmation of receipt of the payment to the university e-mail. If you do not receive this confirmation within 8 working days of entering the payment (3 working days for payment transfer + 5 working days to send the confirmation), please contact karty (at)
  • You can follow the progress of the production of your card at
  • As soon as your card is ready for issue, you will receive an e-mail with this information. The standard production time of the ID card takes 5 working days. Currently there is only one card printer available that is very faulty, so the production of the card may be delayed. We are working hard to address the situation and 2 new printers will be available soon, but the process of purchasing and implementing these devices is very challenging. Please be patient.
    Cards are produced only after the payment has been credited to our account.
  • Each applicant must pick up the card in person, not through a third person. The card cannot be sent by post.