The professional competence (activities / capability / qualification) of general nurses consists of output knowledge and skills concerning professional values and roles of nurses; nursing practice and clinical decision-making; communication and interpersonal skills; management and team leadership. Thanks to the acquired competences (knowledge and skills), the graduates will be able to contribute to implementation of modern concept of nursing care, particularly of individualized satisfaction of clients’/patients’ needs.

Graduates are prepared

  • to carry out highly qualified nursing care in health-care facilities, home-care and community centres
  • for independent decision-making in nursing which concerns: health-care, disease prevention, first aid, care for the sick, the disabled and the dying
  • to identify and participate in the satisfaction of  individual needs of individuals, families and communities in  health  and disease alike
  • to contribute with their knowledge and skills to the professionalization of nursing, and carry out research activities, applying the results of scientific research in their work