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Ing. Katarína Petrlová, Ph.D.



Assistant Professor

Curriculum vitae:

  • Undergraduate study at the Faculty of Special Engineering, University of Zilina.
  • Diploma thesis: Crisis Situations Solving and Environment Protection Contradictions.
  • Doctoral thesis: Environmental Conflicts Analysis and Management.
  • Research: Crisis management and Environmental security.

Working visits:

  • Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business School, Finland, March – May 2007. Courses: Marketing Game, Assessing and Developing Global Management Competences, Finnish Course.
  • Senses PLUS, Ostrava – Zábřeh, Czech Republic, January – May 2008. Topic of the practical training was Environmental Security research survey with respect of NATO, UNECE, UNEP and OECD activities.
  • NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Managing Global Environmental Threats to Air, Water and Soil – Examples from South Eastern Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia. June 2010. Lecture: Environmental Conflict Analysis.
  • University of Defence, Brno, Czech republic. November 2010. Requested lecture: Environmental Security.
  • Leiria Polytechnic Institute; School of Tourism and Maritime Technology in Peniche, Portugal. September 2011. Work programme: Meeting with coordinator of the Civil Protection degree.



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