Seminář z diferenciální geometrie a jejich aplikací: Functions of Nilpotent Variables and Entanglement (Andrzej Frydryszak)

  • hlavní
  • 27.06.2019

Na semináři z diferenciální geometrie a jejich aplikací, vedeném doc. Sergyeyevem, bude přednášet dr hab. Andrzej Frydryszak, prof. UWr (Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Polsko) na téma Functions of Nilpotent Variables and Entanglement.

I will give an introduction to the description of a new quantum mechanical resource called entanglement. In its basic version it is related to the question whether a tensor which is used to represent a physical state of a compound system is a simple tensor or not. Then, a natural desire arises to define a 'measure' of its departure from being simple. This yields to the study of sets of invariants of products of the SU(2) groups. I will present elements of the formalism of functions of nilpotent variables and I will explain how entanglement questions concerning the pure states find natural solutions in this approach, producing relevant invariants.

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