Postdoctoral positions are designed to provide researchers with valuable work experience, develop expertise and deepen their scientific erudition. These positions are time-limited and are intended to help individuals further their career development as well as increase their chances of finding employment in research and development. A postdoctoral fellow works in a scientific team under the supervision of experienced scientists, carrying out specialised research and development work or artistic activities either independently or as part of a specific project aligned with the research axis of the institute.

An individual may be appointed to this position within 6 years of receiving their PhD or an equivalent academic degree. This is fixed-term employment for a period of 1-3 years, with a maximum of 3 consecutive terms in a postdoctoral position. If the position is tied to a specific project, these conditions may be adjusted according to the funding requirements.

The specific support provided to postdoctoral fellows is outlined in the Rector's Methodological Instruction – Conditions of the postdoctoral position. 

The current job postings for postdoctoral positions are listed here.