Institute of Physics

Research Centre for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

The scientific activities of the Centre are devoted to theoretical studies in relativistic physics and astrophysics and their relations to particle physics.

In addition, testing the results of theoretical predictions in general relativity or alternative theories of gravity against observed data from processes occurring in the strong gravity environment near compact objects in the Universe. We also participate in theoretical studies related to the preparation of X-ray satellite missions.

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Research Centre for Computational Physics and Data Processing

The Centre focuses on research in the field of complex modelling of astrophysical processes and processing of observational data requiring a complex integration of analytical and numerical methods. Emphasis is placed on the development and use of advanced external and in-house software platforms using the high performance of currently available computers.

The Center's primary priorities include the interpretation of existing satellite and ground-based observations of compact object radiation and participation in the preparation of future astrophysical satellite missions.

In parallel, we also focus on the application of the methods used in other areas of physics and applied physics, such as biophysics.

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School of Business Administration in Karvina

Institute of Interdisciplinary Research

The Institute continues the long tradition of cooperation between the School of Business Administration in Karvina and the business practice, especially with small and medium-sized enterprises.

The main task is to coordinate research activities of academic staff and students in the field of small and medium-sized business in cooperation with local businesses and public administration.

The aim is to focus the research efforts so that the results find practical applications in the management of the economic activities of specific entities.
We are interested in linking academic activities with real everyday practice, but also in promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of our students.

That is why we cooperate closely with Business Gate - a joint organization of our faculty and the city of Karvina.

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Faculty of Philosophy and Science

Research Institute of IT4Innovations Centre

The main goals of our institute are, besides the application of "soft" methods for studying and predicting time series, also modelling of multiagent systems, on two levels - on the one hand robotic systems, including flying multiagent platform UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) equipped with a number of sensors, and on the other hand biological multiagent systems, especially on bacterial and cellular level, using methods of bioinformatics and synthetic biology.

The Institute is a research facility of the National Supercomputing Centre IT4Innovations, whose instrument infrastructure is physically located in Ostrava. The establishment of the centre was made possible thanks to the OP VaVpI project.

The institute is involved in research programme No. 6 - Soft computing methods with applications for supercomputing. We have produced a number of theoretical and applied research results in the field of biologically inspired computing and models, multi-agent systems, medical informatics, robotics and others, and published over 100 RIV-scored papers.

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Research Centre for the Cultural History of Silesia and Central Europe (1000-1800)

The Research Centre for the Cultural History of Silesia and Central Europe follows the research in the field of political, economic, social and administrative history of the territory under study, which was carried out at the Silesian University in Opava and other institutions in the past period.

While respecting standard historical methods, the transgenerational research team is seeking new, interdisciplinary interpretive models applied also to traditional research fields.

When studying the processes of the formation of local and regional identities, changes in the mentality of communities or other topics, the research approaches applied by the Research Centre staff take into account the conditionality of the phenomena under study within their cultural and social frameworks.

The Research Centre and its members are attended to talented doctoral and master's students, whose professional growth is supported by their involvement in professional activities at various levels of research.

Of course, there is a cooperation with students who solve the projects of the student grant competition of the Silesian University, their involvement as auxiliary researchers in solving partial questions, especially of a heuristic and analytical nature, in the organization of scientific conferences and seminars and, last but not least, their participation as co-authors in the publication of joint research results.   

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Research Centre for Contemporary History, Historical Memory and Cultural Heritage (1800-2000)

The Research Centre for Contemporary History, Historical Memory and Cultural Heritage (1800-2000) focuses on research and accompanying activities in three modules:

  • 19th and 20th century history: research will touch on political and economic history and inter-ethnic relations with a focus on Silesia and the Czech-German or Czech-Polish borderlands. Emphasis will also be placed on research on lifestyle and everyday life in the 20th century.
  • Cultural heritage: the history of art will be pursued, with particular reference to Silesia and northern Moravia.
  • Historical memory: research will focus mainly on oral history, museology and some issues of preservation of monuments and nature.

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Faculty of Public Policies in Opava

Centre for Social Inclusion

The Research Centre for Social Inclusion was established at the beginning of May 2018. The Centre was set up to develop and implement projects focused on the education and inclusion of children and pupils at risk of social exclusion.

The agenda of the Centre mainly included research, development and innovation activities and participation in the above activities implemented by the Faculty or the Rector's Office and participation in educational activities at the Faculty.

Thus, currently the center serves project sustainability and monitoring of project activities in collaboration with the Development and Project Management Department.