Conditions for admission to university studies are stipulated in the Higher Education Act (Act 111/1998), Section 48 (1) and (2) and Section 49 (1) – (3). For further information please see also the Study and Examination Code of the Silesian University in Opava.

Basic admission requirements are:

  • for admission to a bachelor study programme - full secondary education or full secondary professional education completed with the secondary school leaving exam ("maturita exam");
  • for admission to a master study programme - completed first level of higher education (“bachelor degree”).
  • For admission to a doctoral study programme – complete secend level of higher education („master degree“)

Admission requirements for degree study programmes, as well as the deadline for applications, together with the date, form and overall content of the admission exam are established by the dean of the faculty and are published on the faculty or university official notice board and on the internet by each faculty. Applications have to be submitted within the deadline and must be completed with all the supporting documents specified by the faculty. Depending on the requirements of the faculty or the certain degree programme, applicants need to go through the admission procedure which may include written tests, exams or an oral examination that are relevant to the applicant’s field of study