The Lecture about the Alliance of European Universities

  • Monika Vavrušková
  • 20.02.2023
On February 10, 2023 our faculty was visited by the Director of the Department for Science and Projects of the University of Opole, Mr. Stanisław Kubiak, who held a lecture about the Alliance of European Universities

Author: Adéla Szpernolová, Monika Vavrušková 

The initiative "European University" was established in 2017 based on a resolution of the European Commission. It represents a new form of international partnership of universities that cooperate with each other across Europe within alliances.

The University of Opole is a member of the Forthem Alliance with nine other European universities. Mr. Kubiak said about the creation of the alliance: "The cooperation started much earlier, from the so-called Europa Masters, with the universities of Opole, Dijon and Mainz working together. Thanks to this, students can study at three universities at the same time. They spend some time at each university (physically, of course) and therefore get three diplomas.”

The main purpose of alliances is the connection of partner institutions and their cooperation in different languages, across disciplines and with no regard to borders. The Forthem Alliance is currently trying to ensure better conditions for student mobility, to cooperate with the European campuses, to use the possibility of distance learning, language courses or didactic courses. The significance of the alliance was evaluated by Mr. Kubiak as follows:

"It is this alliance that is a diametrical change, because we are no longer just such a small, inconspicuous university. Now we have many more options and contacts, and therefore opportunities, which the alliance of European universities gives us."

Our faculty has a long-term cooperation with several institutes of the University of Opole, and students of the Institute of Public Administration and Social Policy and The Institute of Paramedical Health Studies have the opportunity to go on mobility as part of Erasmus+. Selection procedures for students for the next academic year will be launched at individual institutes from the summer semester. Those interested may apply here. For more information, please contact the coordinators of the Erasmus+ programme.