Dr. Jo Ann Regan on Faculty of Public Policies in Opava

  • Viktorie Kovářová
  • 02.07.2021
On Monday, June 28 2021, a lecture by a prominent expert from the US capital and this year's Fulbright scholarship holder for the Czech Republic took place at the Faculty of Public Policy.
In her nearly two-hour lecture, prof. Jo Ann Regan, as dean of the Faculty of Social Affairs, pointed out the pillars of social work in the United States in connection with the original intention of the Catholic University of Washington, D.C.
At the beginning of her speech, Professor Regan briefly focused on the interrelationship and context of the topic, the history of social work in the US, described the diversity of the American system of health and social services and hinted at comparative milestones in social work in theory and practice with respect to the Czech Republic. 
In the main part of her contribution, she focused mainly on the three pillars of social work –  education, practice and supervision of the audit authority. Within her specialization, she is especially responsible for the first area, namely education, which is related to the accreditation of study programs and fields focused on social work and the development and innovation of curricular documents. This part of her work was not only carefully described, but adequately supplemented with information on ongoing research, which concerns graduates – social workers in the US and in the Czech Republic, their application in practice, output competencies, but also economic status in society and compliance with the quality standards for social service.
Professor Regan will visit the faculty again this August, more information about the planned visit will be published through the news on the faculty's website.