International Advisory Board of the Silesian University in Opava (IAB) is an advisory body of the Rector. The Rector´s directive no. 11/2019 defines its functions, composition and procedure rules.

IAB pre-eminently:

  • reviews the main directions and the quality of the educational and creative activities of the University;
  • gives recommendations on strategic and conceptual questions concerning the development of the University;
  • gives recommendations towards enhancement of the internationalization of all activities of the University;
  • gives suggestions towards improvement of the organization and processes in the area of scientific activity of the University, as well as in other areas;
  • gives suggestions concerning the organization and other aspects of evaluation of the creative activities of the University, its constituents or its workplaces, and familiarizes itself with the conclusions of these evaluations;
  • provides opinions and recommendations on matters put forth by the Rector.

Members of the IAB are eminent and internationally recognized academic, scientific or artistic authorities with broad expertise and moral integrity, affiliated in the long term outside of the Czech Republic.

Members of the IAB are appointed and withdrawn by the Rector after discussion in the Rector´s Collegium.

The term of the members of the IAB is the same as the term of the Rector. Repeated appointment to the IAB is possible.