• Petra Daníšková
  • 07.11.2023
With the launch of the European University project at the Silesian University in Opava, the STARS EU alliance is being introduced at all its faculties and institutes.

In the summer months of this year, the STARS EU alliance (, of which the Silesian University of Opava is a member, received a grant in the Erasmus+ "European Universities" call. Since the project was officially launched on the first day of November, the STARS EU alliance together with the European Universities project and the possibilities for employees to get involved in the activities of the alliance are being introduced at the University.

Presentations and meetings with staff started at the Faculty of Public Policies on Tuesday 31 October. Subsequently, presentations fallowed at the Mathematical Institute, the Institute of Physics and the Rector's Office on 1 November, and at the School of Business and Administration in Karviná on 2 November. The "STARS EU Tour" will conclude on 14 November at the Faculty of Philosophy and Science.