Head of the Institute:
Doc. Mgr. Martin Pelc, Ph.D.
Deputy Head of the Institute:
Mgr. Ilona Matejko-Peterka, Ph.D.
Institute Secretary:
Mgr. David Radek, Ph.D.
Department of History
Head of the Department:
Mgr. Igor Zmeták, PhD.
Department of Monument Preservation and Museology
Head of the Department:
PhDr. Marian Hochel, Ph.D.

Zuzana Bergrová
Masarykova třída 37
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 553 684 479
Email: zuzana.bergrova(at)fpf.slu.cz
Web: http://uhv.cz/

The Institute of Historical Sciences consists of two parts: the Department of History and the Department of Monument Preservation and Museology. It offers the Bachelor‘s degree of History-Museology and the Master‘s degree of History- Museology, the Master‘s degree of History (for specialists and for teachers). Furthermore, it provides two specific study Bachelor´s degree courses of Cultural History and History – Monument Preservation. The Doctor‘s degree of History with Focus on the Czech and Czechoslovak History (in the combined and full-time form) has been accredited and realised.

The study of Museology is unique in the Czech Republic (it is realised on a smaller scale at the Masaryk University in Brno). The study of history at the FPS fulfils the common standard requirements for these subjects, but the possibility also exists of specialising in a subject corresponding to the lecturers‘ field and to the facilities base for scholarly research.

There has been an intensive co-operation between the institute and the universities and the institutions in Würzburg, Marburg, Vienna, Wroclaw, Opole, Krakow. The institute has a stable place in international and national scholarly work. Its main focus is the study of Silesia within the framework of Europe from ancient times to the present. This study is carried out by means of international co-operation and confrontation. More than 10 department and other grants have been realised within the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.