Research Center for Contemporary History, Historical Memory and Cultural History (1800-2000)

The research centre deals with political and economic history and interethnic relations with regard to Silesia and the Czech-German or Czech-Polish borderlands. Emphasis will also be placed on research on lifestyle and everyday life in the 20th century. The history of art with special reference to Silesia and Northern Moravia will also be studied. Some collections will be added to and editions acquired. Research is focused on oral history, museology and some issues of preservation of monuments and nature.

Research Center for the Cultural History of Silesia and Central Europe

The Research Centre for Cultural History of Silesia and Central Europe continues in the research in the area of political, economic, social and administrative history of the monitored territory that has been carried out at the Silesian University in Opava and other institutions for the past period. While respecting the standard history methods, the transgenerational research team strives to find new, interdisciplinary-oriented interpretative models applied in traditional research fields. When studying the processes of shaping local and land identities, changes of mentality of communities or other topics, the research approaches applied by the members of the Research Centre take into account the determination of the monitored phenomena by their cultural and social frameworks...