The Silesian University is one of the youngest universities in Czechia, founded in 1991. Currently, the Silesian University in Opava has three faculties, the Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava, the School of Business Administration in Karviná, the Faculty of Public Policies in Opava, and the Institute of Mathematics in Opava and the Institute of Physics in Opava. At the Silesian University, future academic specialists are preparing for the professional or scientific life in the fields of history, physics, mathematics, literature, computer science, art, language, gastronomy, health care, multimedia, economy, finance and marketing. The faculties offer several dozen bachelor´s, master´s and doctoral degree programs, which all meet the standards of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Teaching is supported by a network of professional experts and visiting professors.


The Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava (SU FPS) is the biggest faculty of the Silesian University in Opava, Czech republic. Modern equipment, features and facilities of the SU FPS offer a pleasant and motivating atmosphere for all its students and faculty members. There isn't one campus of Silesian University in Opava, but all institutes and departments are placed in a few historical and also modern buildings in Opava.

  • Na Rybníčku 1 – Rector's Office and Departments; Institute of Mathematics in Opava.
  • Masarykova třída 343/37 – Faculty of Philosophy and Science headquarters; Dean's Office and Departments; Institute of Archaelogy; Institute of the Czech Language and Library Science; Institute of Foreign Languages; Institute of Historical Sciences; Centre of Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Hauerova 4 – Institute of Movie, Television and Broadcast Creation; Institute of Physics in Opava.
  • Hradecká 17 – Institute of Gastronomy, Spa Management and Tourism; Dormitory.
  • Bezručovo náměstí 13 – Institute of Physics in Opava; Institute of Computer Science; Institute of Creative Photography.
  • Bezročovo náměstí 14 – Faculty of Public Policies; Library.
Opava - Na Rybníčku 1 Opava - Na Rybníčku 1
Opava - Masarykova třída 343/37 Opava - Masarykova třída 343/37
Opava - Hauerova 4 Opava - Hauerova 4
Opava - Hradecka 17 Opava - Hradecka 17
Opava - Bezručovo náměstí 13 Opava - Bezručovo náměstí 13
Opava - Bezručovo náměstí 14 Opava - Bezručovo náměstí 14

Services for Students


Accomodation is arranged for the Erasmus+ students in a room at one of our dormitories depending on availability. You need to inform the faculty coordinator of FPS SU if you eould like to be accomodated. The price depends on the lenght of your stay (2400—4200 CZK per month). Also other international students and quests should be in touch with faculty coordinator in case they would like to accomodate in faculty facilities.

Once you have a student acconout in stystem IS US (arranged by faculty coordinator), the first step after arrival is to arrange the student card (manual – point 5). Then it is necessary to sign the accomodation agreement in Department of Halls of Residence and Canteens (Eva Gašpieriková) and pay the deposit and accomodation fee.

Halls of Residence and Canteens Office

Eva Gašpieriková

+420 553 684 517

Hradecka 665/17
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic


Once you have a student account in system IS SU (arranged by the faculty coordinator), the first step to obtain the meal tickets or the cards is to arrange the student card (manual – point 5).

The students are entitled to buy the meal tickets which are valid in the most of restaurants and groceries in Opava. They can buy 60 tickets per month, the price is 43 CZK and value is 60 CZK.

Although there is no university canteen in Opava, the students can also choose from the local school ones (Mendelovo Gymnázium on Komenského street and in Matiční Dům at Rybí trh). In both of the canteens, students will get a meal card with and identification number. Thus they obtain their account into which they will make a monthly payment of a sum corresponding to the price of meals they order. They can pay by a postal order or directly from their bank account.

List of Canteens

School canteen at Mendelovo Gymnázium

+420 553 714 566

Komenského 5
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic

Matiční dům

+420 553 714 807

Rybí trh 7
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic


The university library offers the pleasant environment to read and study. There are tens of thousand sources in the collection, many books is digitalized. Students can use 72 study seats, study room, multifunctional copy machine and more.

Students may become users of many libraries in Opava, for example District Library of Petr Bezruč on Nádražní okruh 21, or Central Library of the Silesian Museum on Nádražní okruh 31.

Computer Facilities

All university buildings are covered with Wi-Fi network Eduroam. All university buildings also have computer classrooms. Classroom B3 in Bezručovo náměstí 13 can be freely used by students during the day.

University library contact

University Library

+420 553 684 776

Bezručovo náměstí 14
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic

Czech language course

The Czech language course is intended for the foreign students (Erasmus etc.) or for the foreign guests who would like to learn Czech as beginners or to improve their current Czech language skills during their stay at our faculty. The course is free of charge and is designed for foreign students or guests who are admitted to our faculty.

Please inform our office in accordance with the application deadline if your are interested to attend this course.

Contact person

Mgr. Kateřina Trembač

+420 553 684 255

Masarykova třída 343/37
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic