The aim of the Students Grants System is to support specific university research carried out by students in doctoral or master's degree programs. Academic staff or doctoral students can become project leaders, master's students can only be team members. The Students Grants System (SGS) is announced each year according to the priorities for the given period. The project can last one to three years.

The project application is submitted to the Department of Science and International Relations of Faculty of Philosophy and Science to the hands of Bc. Eva Jakubcová and the Department of Science and International Affairs of the Institute of Physics in Opava. It is evaluated according to the quality of the project application and designated outputs, the quality of the research team, the proposer and mentors, the scientific relevance and topicality, the reality of the goals, the concept and methodology of the solution and the adequacy of financial costs.

The rules of the Students Grants System are guided by the Rector's Directive No. 5/2019.

Current Projects

  • SGS/12/2019 Compact objects modeled within Einstein's gravities and alternative theories of gravity and astrophysical processes in the fields of these objects (researcher: prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Stuchlík, CSc.)
  • SGS/13/2019 Study of processes around relativistic compact stars – models and observations (researcher: doc. RNDr. Gabriel Török, Ph.D.)