The Student Grant Agency serves doctoral students to fund their research projects. The team leader, like its members, is a doctoral student. The application is evaluated according to the quality of the project application and designated outputs, the quality of the research team, the proposer and mentors, the scientific relevance and topicality, the reality of the objectives, the concept and methodology of the solution and the adequacy of financial costs. Funds are allocated for one academic year at a time.

The rules of the grant competition are determined by the Rector's Directive No. 4/2020. Administration of projects on behalf of the Institute of Physics in Opava are provided by the Department of Science and International Affairs, and by Office for Science and Foreign Relations of the Silesian University in Opava on behalf of the university.

Projects in the academic year 2020/2021

  • SGF/1/2020 Influence of magnetic field on the structure of thin accretion disk (researcher Mgr. Debora Lančová).
  • SGF/2/2020 Development of the EXPERT root Framework for simulation and data analysis (researcher Mgr. Ivan Muzalevskii).
  • SGF/3/2020 Light Curve of Radiative Source Orbiting Regular Black-holes (researcher Mgr. Dmitriy Ovchinnikov).
  • SGF/4/2020 Large scale investigation of variability in observatinal data with chaotic dynamics (researcher Mgr. Radim Pánis).