Visiting International Fellowship in the Humanities at the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic

  • Kamil Matula
  • 04.05.2018

Call for Applications

Applications are invited for one Visiting International Fellowship in the Humanities at the Faculty of Philosophy and Sciences of the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic. The Silesian University in Opava was established immediately after the fall of Communism in the process of transformation and democratisation of society and higher education in the Czech Republic. The announced Visiting International Fellowship is intended to continue in this tradition. It should contribute to internationalisation of the faculty at the Silesian University, foster scholarly networking and to enable the fellowship holder to carry out research in the Czech Republic. The fellow is expected to be in residence in Opava during the teaching part of the semester and to study in Czech research institutions during the non-teaching part of the semester (first three weeks in September). The fellow will teach two courses in his/her area of expertise. English is foreseen as the main language of instruction.

The fellow will receive a monthly stipend of approximately 1100 euro/32 800 Czech crowns (exchange rate dependence). The funding is supposed to cover all expenses. The Visiting Fellowship lasts from September 1st to December 31st 2018. The institutional support of the Silesian University should be acknowledged in all publications that result from the Fellowship.

Applicants must hold a PhD and have a demonstrated excellence in research and publishing. Preference will be given to candidates who can contribute to more than one department. There is no application form. Proposals are due by June 4th 2018 and should include:

− a cover letter with comments on how the candidate can fulfil the objectives of the fellowship

− a current curriculum vitae (including a list of publications)

Applicants are to provide two letters of reference.

The Fellowship appointment will be announced in early July.

Applications and letters of reference are to be e-mailed separately to the address between May 4th and June 4th 2018.