Epidemiological measures from 22nd of November 2021

  • Kamil Matula
  • 03.02.2022
From 22nd of November 2021 are in order new conditions concerning anti-COVID19 measures for students of Silesian University.

Dear students of full-time and combined study, please get acquainted with the anti-COVID19 measures governing your stay in the buildings of Silesian University. For you to be accomodated in university dormitories it is necessary either to:

  • give proof of completed vaccination against COVID19 with at least 14 days after or
  • give proof of undergone COVID19 not longer than 180 days after or
  • give proof of negative COVID19 test not older than 72 hours in case of PCR test, or 24 hours for antigen test both performed by a medical professional.

For attendance of lectures there are the same conditions as in case of dormitories. Students may take of respiratory protection in these cases:

  • when they are sitting in a room with no more than 50 people,
  • when they are performing educational activities like physical training, singing, playing wind instruments,
  • during test when everyone maintains distance 1,5 metre,
  • during stay in the dormitory outside of common areas.