Apply for Open Day via Online Form

  • Jan Novotný
  • 01.02.2021
On February 3rd, 18th and 2nd of March 2021, the Institute of Physics in Opava is organizing an Open Day (attention, on February 3rd is the Open Day is only online).

In the dates 18th of February 2021 and 2nd of March 2021, the Open Day will take place physically as well as online, those interested in either must register via the online form. They will be contacted by an employee of the Institute of Physics in Opava, who will give them details. The maximum capacity for physical form is 10 applicants. The online version will be facilitated via Zoom Meeting.

Future students can expect to visit laboratories, WHOO observatory, Unisphere planetarium and classrooms in the building on Bezručovo náměstí 13, as well as seminar rooms, studio and cinema hall in the building on Hauerova street No. 4. It is also possible to expect a commentady on special car equipped with environment monitoring devices.