Observing the sky at the WHOO! observatory

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  • 15.12.2023
After a long hiatus, we are resuming regular observing events for the general public. Observations will take place on the newly opened observatory terrace WHOO! on Friday 15th of December 2023 in two time intervals 6 pm - 7pm (1st time slot), 7pm - 8pm (2nd time slot). Please note that the maximum capacity for each observation is up to 10 people.

The date of the observation must be booked at either one of these e-mails: lucie.dospivova@physics.slu.cz or tomas.graf@physics.slu.cz.

When booking, please specify the selected booking time, the number of people, and the name of the main contact person.

In case of inclement weather, an alternative program will be arranged for visitors.

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