Jaroslav Smital passed away

  • David Slosarczyk
  • 11.03.2022
Professor Jaroslav Smítal, the founder and long-term director of the Mathematical Institute in Opava, passed away at the age of 79.
With great sadness we announce that Jaroslav Smital, an emeritus
Vice-rector of our university and long-term director of the Mathematics
Institute in Opava, passed away this Wednesday at the age of 79 years.

Professor Smital was a renowned expert in Mathematical Analysis,
especially in the field of dynamical systems and functional equations.
A number of results and objects that he introduced, especially in
connection with distributional chaos, have become standard concepts
in the field. He served as a member or chair of numerous scientific
bodies and committees, has produced over 100 publications and more
than 10 monographs, and succesfully supervised about 20 graduate students.
He received a number of recognitions both in the Czech Republic
and abroad, including an Honorary Doctorate from the Matej Bel
University in Slovakia. He was a member of the Learned Society
of the Czech Republic.

We will miss Professor Smital not only as an excellent teacher,
a leading figure in the theory of dynamical systems and an oustanding
member of the Czech mathematical community, but above all as an
inspiring person who influenced the lives of many of his colleagues.

Miroslav Englis
Mathematic Institute in Opava, Czech Republic