The Consultant / Research Manager’s task include, but are not limited to:
1. Plan and coordinate meetings (interviews, focus groups, etc.) with key stakeholders regarding the impact evaluation design (government representatives, policymakers, business owners, service providers, experts in the field, etc.). Conduct structured discussions and qualitative field interviews with relevant stakeholders and potential beneficiaries (entrepreneurs), as well as conduct focus group discussions on topics such as:
• The barriers, needs and opportunities for entrepreneurship
• Other aspects in consultation with the research team
2. Facilitate the collection of relevant evidence on challenges and opportunities for the planned program(s)
• Collect, compile, and clean any required secondary data (e.g., administrative data, community surveys, interviews, etc.).
3. Translate technical and policy papers and documents in English/Czech for diverse audiences.
4. Perform other related research tasks upon request.
5. Supervise the preparation of fieldwork protocols, procedures, and survey instruments (in coordination with the Principal Investigators). This includes drafting and coordinating the fieldwork plan, pilot testing with field team(s), holding weekly calls with the Principal Investigators, and producing progress reports.

Main Deliverables
- For the meetings with stakeholders, provide with anticipation the agenda and plan; and after, the minutes and summaries. Design survey instruments to conduct qualitative focus group discussions
- Weekly fieldwork planning spreadsheet and weekly fieldwork report.
- Report describing intervention: (i) modalities, (ii) time, (iii) content, etc. – to be used as an annex for papers and dissemination. Notably, this report should be updated on a regular and ongoing basis to ensure key details of the intervention are documented.
- Baseline data report analysis.
- Follow-up data report analysis (for all post-survey rounds).
- Do files/code for data analysis (well documented, reproducible)
- Additional deliverables as agreed upon with supervisors and Principal Investigators.

The Consultant / Research Manager should meet the following minimum requirements:
1. Excellent communication skills
2. Project management
3. Prior qualitative fieldwork experience preferred
4. Fluency in English and Czech
5. Experience in policy advisory with an emphasis on impact evaluation and field studies (for obtaining empirical evidence/support).
6. Previous work experience in the region
7. Strong writing and presentation skills in English.
8. Undergraduate degree in public policy, economics, or relevant field. An advanced degree (Master or more) in economics, public policy, business, or management studies is preferred.
9. Strong quantitative skills, specifically data management and data analysis, plus knowledge of STATA or R required.
10. Strong and proven organizational, research, analytical, writing, and teamwork skills.
11. Ability to deliver in a dynamic environment with multiple demands and quick turnaround of outputs. Ability to leverage available data and makes timely decisions.

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