Business Economics and Management

Charakteristika studijního oboru
The aim of the doctoral study is the education of scientists who will be able to work professionally at the level of international standards in the field of economic theory using modern mathematical-statistical methods, modern information technologies with the use of teamwork. During the study the current problems of company management, marketing and logistics systems, small and medium business, financial management of companies and financing of business activities, marketing of enterprises falling under the research program of the SBA.

Profil absolventa
Graduate of the Economics and Management program acquires general knowledge and skills in the following fields: the latest scientific, economic and managerial trends in the globalization of the world economy and their impact on the business sphere; application of mathematical-statistical methods in scientific research; use of information technology in scientific research; precise formulation of assignments, procedures and results of professional and research work; communication and presentation of research knowledge and results in Czech and English. Professional economic knowledge, especially in the following fields: economic theory, methodology of scientific work according to the topic of dissertation thesis, strategic, personnel and innovation management and entrepreneurship; corporate finance; marketing, accounting, information systems and decision making in economic systems. Special knowledge according to the focus of the dissertation thesis: e.g. modelling of company systems, principles of strategic management; corporate finance, management; marketing management of companies; management of innovation processes, human resource management; strategic thinking, methods of strategy creation and implementation; information and knowledge systems.

Uplatnitelnost na trhu práce
The graduate will find work as a researcher of academic employee at universities, research institutes, consulting firms or directly in the management practice of companies at a higher level of management both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The acquired knowledge and skills graduates will apply in professional departments of companies in management, finance, informatics, business economy, as well as in services, or in public administration.

Požadovaná zdravotní způsobilost
The field of study does not have the required specific medical fitness that would condition studies. Disability Accessibility Consultancy is provided by the Study Department (596 398 , and the Advisory and Career Center SU (553 684 813,
Název programu
Ekonomika a management
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Business Economics and Management
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Standardní délka studia
4 roky
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