Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

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The course is organised in both full time and part time form. Doctoral course can be undertaken by a University graduate with Masters Degree in physics or a related subject. The entrance examination will show specialised knowledge, the ability of the applicant for independent scientific research and verify the applicant?s competence in English language. During the examination, the applicant must show knowledge of the basic course in physics, theoretical mechanics, electrodynamics, special theory of relativity and quantum physics, as well as fundamentals of mathematical analysis and algebra. In the scope of the entrance examination the applicant will also show basic knowledge in the field of theoretical physics a part of which is the topic of his/her PhD thesis. The topic of the thesis will come under one of three fields of theoretical physics: - relativistic physics and astrophysics - theoretical nuclear and sub-nuclear physics - quantum theory of multi particle systems Other topics, such as topics dealing with astrophysical applications of nuclear and sub-nuclear physics or quantum theory of multi particle (molecules) systems, will be considered.

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The graduates can find job as scientific researchers and instructors at universities and research institutes engaged in research in Theoretical Physics in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Immediate employment in post doctoral position at cooperating institutions abroad (SISSA in Trieste, University of Oxford, etc..) can be assumed.

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The acquired knowledge and skills can also be very effectively applied in research institutes and industrial companies dealing with modeling of physical processes (eg. in the field of hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, elasticity, and others). Acquired skills in working with computer methods can be applied anywhere in industry, services and public administration. For more information please visit

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The field of study does not have the required specific medical fitness that would condition studies. Disability Accessibility Consultancy is provided by the Study Department (553 684 252, and the Advisory and Career Center SU (553 684 813,
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Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
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4 roky
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8 let

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