City of Opava and Karviná

The city of Opava is situated at the confluence of the Silesian rivers Opava and Moravice. The earliest written record of the existence of Opava dates back to 1195, to the days when it was a crossroad of trade routes. But it was only by a decree, issued by King Přemysl I in 1224, that it received recognition as a town. It flourished as a place where people were busy trading, farming and practising crafts ... more opava.jpg

karvina.jpg The town of Karviná, with a population of more than 62 thousand residents, is situated 18 km east of Ostrava at the northern periphery of the foothills of the Beskydy Mountains in the Olše river valley. A part of the northern border of Karviná is at the same time border with Poland. The town has a rich history predetermined by its strategically advantageous location on the trade routes from Hungary ... more

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