The Population Census in the Czech Republic

  • Petr Korviny
  • 25.03.2021
We would like to inform that the Population Census in the Czech Republic, which will start on 27th March 2021, will also concern all foreign nationals who are present in the territory of the Czech Republic at midnight from Friday 26th March to Saturday 27th March except those who are staying in the CR for less than 90 days. It also concerns all foreign nationals who had a permanent or temporary residence in the CR for more than 90 days regardless of whether they were in the Czech Republic or not at midnight from Friday 26th March to Saturday 27th March. In particular, the census concerns all foreign students (degree, visiting or exchange students) studying at SU.

Therefore we would like to ask you to participate in the population census. The easiest and currently the safest way to get counted is to use the online census form (questionnaire). You can find it on the website or as an application called “Sčítání21” (“Census21”) in Google Play or the AppStore. It will be possible to fill in the electronic (online) census form (questionnaire) from 27th March to 11th May 2021 on a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.

To register in the electronic census form you will need the number of a valid ID document issued by the Czech Republic to foreigners. These documents include, for example, the following:

  • long-term visa,
  • long-term residence permit,
  • permanent residence permit,
  • residence card of a family member of an EU national,
  • residence permit card (booklet) for foreigners.

It is also possible to use the electronic identity or a personal data box.

If you do not have ID documents issued by the CR or a personal data box, it is also possible for a fellow inhabitant (room-mate / flat-mate / house-mate) who owns the document to fill in the electronic (online) census form on your behalf. Otherwise it is necessary to fill in the paper census form.

The process of entering the numbers of newly issued visas into the database may take a while. That is why most of you who have new visas or new residence permits might not be able to login. If you are not be able to login by the end of April, you will have to fill out a paper form.

The paper census form (questionnaire) will be distributed by census officers (census enumerators) from 17th April or you can pick up the form yourself at any Census contact point.

Contact points are located at selected branches of the Czech Post or at Regional Offices of the Czech Statistical Office.

You can find more information at or contact +420 253 253 683.