First step for all incoming Erasmus students is to fill in the e-application form at

The e-application form enables you both

  1. to create your pseudo-birth code.
  2. After doing that to log into the application'ssystem and fill in all the missing data necessary for completion ofthe application procedure.

Admitted exchange students are registered electronically to the University Information System/Study AgendaSTAG  upon matriculation during Orientation Days before start of the academic semester – personal attendance is needed (if an exchange student comes after the Orientation Days period, the registration is done individually at the particular department upon the arrival of the student). Responsible officer at the Office for Foreign Relations at the faculty level inserts a full record of the student including their personal details into the STAG. The same officer registers courses selected by the student according to valid Learning Agreement into the STAG.

For further information please see also the Study and Examination Regulations of the Silesian University in Opava.