Department for Foreign Relations - Admissions

Language policy

Our institution ensures that outgoing mobile participants are well prepared for the mobility, including having attained the
necessary level of linguistic proficiency.

The language skills of outgoing mobility participants are verified by a written and/or oral exam in English (or in other language, if relevant for the given country and mobility type) in the presence of the Faculty Erasmus Coordinator, in order to ensure that they face minimum difficulties when integrating into the academic life at the host institution. Foreign language courses are also an integral part of most of the university's study programmes. A regularly updated list of language courses or summer schools offered by external providers is available on the university's webpages.

Summer language courses

Summer course of English language

Summer course of French language

Summer course of German language

Summer course of Polish language

Summer course of Spanish language

Summer School of Slavonic Languages

List of summer and other courses at the web of the Faculty of Public Policies in Opava

Our institution also provides appropriate linguistic support to incoming mobile participants.

All Erasmus coordinators and student mentors speak English. There exist special course units designed specifically for incoming Erasmus students that are taught in English (even though whole study programmes need not be). Most of the information on our web pages is available in English. Beside English, some of us are able to communicate in their mother tongues with students from eg. Germany or Poland. Courses of Czech language are offered too.

A list of EILC Czech language courses in the Czech Republic is to be found at the webpage of the Czech National Agency.

For information concerning students with special needs please visit the web of the Support Centre for Students with Special Needs.