Study Programmes at SBA

Number Code Name of study programmes and study branches Length Degree Notes
B6202  Economic Policy and Administration 3 3 Bc.
 European Integration 3 3
 Finance 3 3
 Financial and Customs Administration
 Money Services and Postal Services 3
 Public Economics and Administration 3 3
 Social Management 3
 The European Union
B6208  Economics and Management 3 3 Bc.
 Business Management in Commerce and Services 3 3
 Economics and the Travel Industry 3
 Finance 3
 Management and Marketing 3 3
B6209  Systems Engineering and Informatics 3 Bc.
 Management Informatics 3
B6503  Gastronomy, Hotel Management and Tourism 3 Bc.
 Hotel Management 3
N6202  Economic Policy and Administration 2 Ing.
 Banking 4
 Public Economics and Administration 2
 Finance 2
 European Integration 2
N6208  Economics and Management 2 Ing.
 Management and Marketing 2
 Business Management in Commerce and Services 2
 Marketing and Management
N6209  Systems Engineering and Informatics 2 Ing.
 Management Informatics 2
M6202  Economic Policy and Administration Ing.
 National Economy
 Public Economics and Administration 5
 Social Management
 The European Union
M6208  Economics and Management Ing.
 Business Management in Commerce and Services
 Finance 5
 Management and Marketing
M6209  Systems Engineering and Informatics 5 Ing.
 Informatics in the Economy
 Management Informatics
P6208  Economics and Management 3 3 Ph.D.
 Business Economics and Management 3 3  EN

The courses are divided into two main parts: Doing Business in Central Europe and General Business Courses. Some courses require assignments and seminars. Most of the courses finish with a written examination. The extent of the courses in one semester is about 100 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

Practical training in a Czech company may form part of the study program. This is on a case to case basis depending on the student's major and a Czech company's interest to accept a particular student.

The programme "Doing Business in Central Europe" is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as well as the other study programmes at SBA. International students can enrol in any course offered for International students as well as in other courses available at SBA (including language courses). Registering in the STAG - school information system one week after the semester begins officially completes the enrolment.

Courses are evaluated with the grading scale: excellent (1), very good (2) and good (3). Those local grades are equivalent to the European Credit Transfer System - ECTS (from A - excellent to E - sufficient) guaranteeing academic recognition of studies at your home institution.

All students get a Transcript of Record signed by the international co-ordinator. This document includes credits and grades achieved during your studies at SBA. The oral examinations are evaluated immediately and the results of written exams are announced within seven days after completion.