The University Library is located in the building at Třída Osvobození. The library's books are computerised for easy access. The library has a reading room, Internet access, a multimedia computer classroom and a card copy machine. If the library does not have the needed materials, a computerised listing of materials at other Czech universities and libraries world-wide is available through the PROQUEST network system. Some material can be accessed through an inter-library loan system.


How to get to the school library? Get on a bus No.1 and leave at the bus stop” Nové Město,Úřad práce“ than walk a few meter back and you’ll see the University building.


The faculty library has also developed a close working relationship with Karvina's regional library. The Karvina Regional Library was founded in 1923 under the Library Law. The library won of The European Library Award from Helsinki for the year 2000. The library consists of thirteen specialised workplaces in the town area; it records about 160,000 library items.


The library provides a professional library database, which is presented on the Internet. The library also organizes cultural and educational activities. Its Music and Art Department lends books (music and art), tapes, CDs and videotapes. Since 1968 there is the "Filmový klub" (Film Club) Karvina in existence. Movies are showed with Czech subtitles, but with original dubbing.



Kirovova 2299, 734 01 Karvina – Mizerov

tel, fax: +420 59 634 83 01, e-mail:

Web page: (English version available)



Computer Facilities


There are several main computer rooms at SBA. They are currently equipped. All computers have access to the Internet. SBA is connected with 100Mbs line to CESNET in Ostrava. All computers are linked to the server printers. Students pay for their print jobs monthly at the SBA cash office. There is a multimedia computer room at the school library


Students get their own Internet account at SBA server with a private e-mail address and free space at a server disk. All computer rooms are open from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. during the weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. There are also Computer rooms with the internet access in the Main building on 5th floor, room A501 and in the Studying room “Studovna”.


All around the Main building is also the possibility of wireless connection, for activation please feel free to contact the ESC (Erasmus Student Club).