General Information


Through the fact that Czech Republic is a member of European Union, there is still acceptable national currency ONLY (Czeck crown CZK) in the country and not EURO currency as many people incorrectly guess. Please check actual exchange rates list on the web sites of Czech National Bank


Living Expenses

Approximate monthly costs for international students are estimated to be:

Accommodation          2700CZK         
Food                           3000CZK       
Other Expenses          900CZK       
TOTAL                       6000CZK       


Note that expenses can vary. The estimated living expenses do not include social activities, travelling or clothing. The prices of food and services in the Czech Republic are among the lowest in post-communist countries (Appendix V).


Opening a bank account

We advice incoming students to open a bank account upon arrival. You will get a debit bankcard, which is accepted by all the bank machines in the Czech Republic and abroad. There are three banks operating in the City centre:

  • Komerční banka, Karola Sliwky 8a/50, Karvina - Fryštát
  • Česká Spořitelna, in the same building as Komerční banka
  • ČSOB, Univerzitní nám. 1934 (in front of the SBA building)



The Czech language has a difficult grammar structure. However, it is easy to learn reading and basic pronunciation. Older people in Karvina generally do not speak English. It might be necessary to learn basic words including names of food, counting and social phrases (Appendix III). SBA organises a Czech language course for incoming students.

Public Transport

City buses provide public transport. Passengers can pay in cash or by chip cards. Chip cards are issued in the information office at the Main Bus Station for the price of 200 CZK. Student/adult bus fare is 10 CZK (when you pay in cash to driver) and 7CZK using the chip card. It is necessary to submit confirmation of SBA student status when applying. Bus drivers can fill in the chip card credit. Students have possibility to buy students card for 100 CZK which is valid 30 days and can be used for as many rides as you wish..

  • Information Office: Main Train Station
  • Bohumínská street 1876, Karvina - Nové Město

How to get there? Leave the last bus stop called “Fryštát, aut.nádr“. The main office is situated in the same building as the Main train station is.


The taxi service gives a quick, reliable and inexpensive way of transportation especially if you travel in a group. Karvina taxi drivers have a good reputation.

Contacts: Taxi Komfort tel.:  800114115 (toll-free)


Karvina has a well-maintained system of bicycle roads throughout the whole city. People use bikes usually from spring to autumn. Second hand bikes can be bought in some second hand cycle shops (e.g. cycle shop in the Railway Station) or through ads magazines, such as Avízo (

The cheapes new bikes is possible to buy in Tesco store.from 80EUR.

Note: Be sure to lock your bike.

City Information Centre

Masarykovo nám. 71, 733 00 Karviná - Fryštát, tel.:+420 59 631 8620

Open:   Mondays - Fridays                  8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (April – Oct)

            Saturdays                                8 a.m. – 13 p.m. (November – March)

The centre provides information on services, public institutions, local and regional heritage, cultural and sport events and offers promotional materials, guides and maps for free or paid.

Emergency Numbers

  • Ambulance , 112 (or 155)
  • Police, 112 (or 158)
  • Fire Brigade, 112 (or 150)


Mobile Phones

We advise incoming students to bring their mobile phones. Mobile phones are widely used in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic uses the GSM 900/1800 system, which is compatible with the rest of Europe and Australia. North American GSM 1900 or the Japanese system does not work here. There are three mobile operators serving more than 8 million people in the Czech market.

Contacts: Eurotel -, T-mobile - and Oskar - It is easy to buy a SIM card and a credit coupon and one can use it immediately without any contract including low-priced international calls. We recommend to get a SIM card from previous exchange students, if possible.

Note: If you use a Czech SIM card, switch-off the automatic roaming. Karvina is at the Polish border and you could be automatically routed to some Polish provider and have to pay for their expensive international phone calls.

Post Office

The main post office is located at Masarykovo nám. 3/2 (Main Square). It is open from 8 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., 0:30 - 6:00 p.m. Mon-Fri and from 8 a.m. - 12 a.m. on Saturday.

Stamps and postcards can be bought at the post office or at some newspaper shops.