When applying for the Recognition of foreign higher education and qualification under section 89 of the Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on universities and the wording and the addition of other laws (law on higher education), as amended, the applicant is required to pay a fee for the work associated with the proceedings on the application for the recognition of foreign higher education and qualification in the amount of 3,000 CZK.

Fees are to be paid by bank wire transfer.

The fee - that is CZK 3,000 - must be paid by bank wire transfer to ČSOB bank, account number: 8010-0209702433/0300, variable symbol: 0975000919, specific symbol is of Personal Identification Number, listed without the slash. Foreigners who do not have assigned a Personal Identification Number must add their Passport number instead. Constant symbol is 558. In the case of payments from abroad it is necessary to indicate the BIC and IBAN codes.  The BIC code is CEKOCZPP, the IBAN is determined as follows: CZ37 0300 0080 1002 0970 2433.