The Institute of Physics in Opava has issued the Proceedings of RAGtime 20 - 22

  • Debora Lančová
  • 10.01.2021
The ninth issue of The Proceedings of RAGtime has been released in December of last year. The book Proceedings of RAGtime 20-22: Workshops on black holes and neutron stars, 15–19 Oct., 16–20 Sept., 19–23 Oct. 2018/2019/2020, Opava, Czech Republic consists of the contributions that have been presented on the last three RAGtime workshops, which organized in September or October of every year by the Institute of Physics in Opava.

This issue is so far the most expansive, consisting of 35 contributions over 400 pages. It opens with an article by professor Marek Abramowicz, which dedicates this issue to professor Zdeněk Stuchlík, the director of the Institute of Physics to the occasion of his 70th birthday. And because professor Stuchlík is not just a successful physicists, but also a renown photographer, a selection of his photos was included in the opening.

The editors of this issue are professor Zdeněk Stuchlík and associate prof. Gabriel Törok from the Institute of Physics in Opava and professor Vladimír Karas from the Astronomical Institute of Czech Academy of Sciences. The articles within this issue are focused not only on the usual relativistic astrophysics, but also other fields of theoretical, computational or particle physics. Among domestic authors, authors from Poland, Uzbekistan, China, Russia, Germany or Brazil can be found in this issue. The Proceedings of RAGtime are indexed in the prestigious scientific database Scopus and therefore meet the requirements for a prestigious scientific publication.