Please, be advised that if you intend to stay in Czechia and you are non-EU citizen, you are required to obtain a visa. Czech visa is issued by the Czech Embassy in your home country where you can also get more information. You can find the information about Czech Embassies abroad here and conditions for obtaining visas to Czechia here.


Non-EU citizens

Non - EU citizens have to apply at the embassy of Czechia in the country of their permanent stay for:

  • Long-term visa for the study purpose - approved length of max. 6 months in Czechia and then you must apply for an extension of the visa
  • Long-term residence permit for the study purpose - approved length max. 1 year then you must apply for an extension of the residence permit.



The application procedure for obtaining Visa / Residence Permit - takes about two to three months. Usually applicants need for getting a Visa:

  • a valid travel document
  • 2 photographs
  • proof of funds
  • medical travel insurance
  • confirmation of accommodation
  • confirmation of acceptance


SU SBA will help you:

  • immediately after your successful admission exam we will send you the confirmation of acceptance
  • and the confirmation of accommodation (for those who applied for accommodation at the university dormitory)

List of Czech embassies abroad and conditions for obtaining Visa can be found here.