Acta academica karviniensia

Publication ethics

Journal Acta Academica Karviniensia is published with the principles governing the intellectual property rights, discouraging any attempt of plagiarism, regardless of its forms (deliberate or involuntary, self-plagiarism etc.). Editor reserves the right to reject the paper, unless signs of plagiarism or has violated another basic principle of publication ethics. The Executive Board of the journal therefore requires that all potential authors must follow all relevant principles of publication ethics, especially these:

  1. submitted manuscript has never been published and it was not submitted simultaneously to the review process in another journal;
  2. author properly cites all references in the text (in accordance with citation norm) and authors should use only citations that are relevant to their manuscripts. Irrelevant self citation to increase one’s citation and unnecessary citation of articles for the sole purpose of “increasing” the articles’ citation are unethical.
  3. fabrication, manipulation or falsification of data is a violation of this publication ethics. Papers in this scientific journal have been double-blind reviewed by a minimum of two independent experts in the relevant field of interest.