Science and Research

The section of Science and research co-ordinates scientific-research activity of the faculty according to the long term educational, scientific and research activity intentions of SU OPF. The section administratively supplies building up of the academic workers qualification on the faculty, including student's engagement to the scientific activities. Nowadays on the faculty runs five projects of Grant agency CR and six projects of Internal grant system of the Silesian University in Opava. The section further files publication activities of the employees and supports an annual data collection to the national databases of the science and research. The object of Science and research section is also editing activity; important component is also elaboration and publishing of the learning texts. Vice-dean for Science and Research directs Science and Research department, Institute of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Faculty Library.

Institute of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

The institute of small and medium-sized enterprises is a scientific-research workplace of the faculty. The institute belongs to the department of Vice-dean for Science, Research and Development. The institute co-ordinates scientific-research activities of the pedagogic workers of the faculty and also external organizations in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises, makes its own research activity. Co-ordinates and makes counselling, consulting, educational and projection activities for business practice and it is also engaged in practical expertise and counselling activities in the field of profession and educational counselling.


The University Library is located at the dormitory Na Vyhlídce. The library books are computerised for easy access. The library has a reading room, Internet access, a multimedia computer classroom and a card copy machine. If the library does not have the needed materials, a computerised listing of materials at other Czech universities and libraries world-wide is available through the PROQUEST network system. Some material can be accessed through an inter-library loan system. The faculty library has also developed a close working relationship with Karvina's regional library.

Principal research and development activities SU OPF

Main trends of research and development activities

The research activity of the administrator of the Silesian University in Opava, the School of Business Administration in Karviná can be divided into unspecified research and research within the research plans, grants and programmes. The unspecified research is an activity carried out by each pedagogical employee of the SU and SBA in his/her discipline of the pedagogical activity, and is applied in the instruction. The research activity within the research plans, grants and programmes is mainly focused on the problems of globalisation and its impact on the particular sectors of the economy and its spatial arrangement, and further on the examination of the economic, social and information aspects of the development of the SME in relation to management, marketing, legislative, financial sectors, informatics and logistics and finally to the selected applications of mathematics.

The more factual detailed orientation of the research activity is apparent from the following document.