Fee payment method

The payment is made by the applicant online by card according to the instructions in the SU Information System, which are available to the applicant after electronic application submission.

Admission procedure fee

This is an administrative fee that every applicant for a SBA degree programme has to pay. For all SBA degree programmes (programmes taught in Czech and other languages than Czech), it amounts to 21 EUR.

Tuition fee
The tuition fee amounts to
2.500 EUR / academic year (Master); 3.000 EUR / academic year (Doctoral).
Shall be paid in the EURO or the equivalent amount in CZK according to the exchange rate declared by the Czech National Bank valid on the day of payment.

Non-EU citizens

After your successful admission exam and in case you have to apply at the embassy of Czechia in the country of your permanent stay for long-term visa for the study purpose, our qualified global agency UA Networks Ltd. will assist you with the application procedure for obtaining visa and diploma recognition. Additional service fees may be applied for personal/Skype interviews, delivering documents by e-mail/hard copies and collecting the tuition fees (refund policy granted) by the agency. The contact e-mail of the agency is admission.su-sba@ua-networks.com.


To award outstanding achievement and to attract students of the highest calibre from around the world, the School of Business Administration is pleased to offer a system of scholarships for students enrolled in the Bachelor, Master (PhD) in Business Economics and Management program..

Scholarship for talented international students

Each academic year, the Dean of the SU SBA may award a one-time scholarship in the maximum amount of CZK 50,000 to a maximum of 8 talented foreign students of the SU SBA enrolled in Bachelor's, Master's (PhD) degree programs taught in English (2 students in PhD degree program). For awarding a scholarship, the student must meet all of the following conditions:

  • The student is a citizen of the upper-middle-income, lower-middle-income, low-income country, according to the current  World Bank classification.
  • The student has achieved outstanding results in high school or Bachelor studies (Master studies for PhD degree program).
  • The student has proven by appropriate documents other activities directly or indirectly related to study or social life (study abroad, successful participation in competitions, participation in projects, community service, research activity, etc.).
  • The student has successfully completed the first semester of study at the SU SBA by obtaining at least 80% of ECTS credits available for the first semester (PhD student successfully passed all compulsory courses of the PhD degree program).

The Dean of the SU SBA will decide on the award of the scholarship on the basis of the student's application and attached documents proving the fulfilment of the conditions set out.

In the event of a positive decision by the Dean on the award of a scholarship, this will be paid at the latest within 1 month of successful completion of the first semester of study (successful passing of the last compulsory course for PhD students). The scholarship can only be paid once for study at the SU SBA.

Merit-based scholarship

Up to seven merit-based scholarships each semester amounting to 10.000 CZK (approx. 370 EUR) will be awarded to students with best grade point average not exceeding the value 1.7. 

If less than 7 students achieve the grade point average lower than 1.7 the total amount of scholarship 70.000 CZK will be equally divided among awarded students.

Example: Five students achieve the grade point average lower than 1.7, therefore each of them will receive the merit-based scholarship of 14.000 CZK.

Visegrad scholarship

Citizens of V4 countries (Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and citizens of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Ukraine are eligible for up to 4-semesters-scholarship under the Visegrad Fund. Visegrad scholarships support Bachelor, Master and PhD students and researchers at universities in the Visegrad Group countries, including Czechia. Applications are open since February and the deadline is March 15 each year. More information regarding this scholarship is available here