General information

The entrance examination will be held online and physically in the selected location according to the geographical distribution of applicants. The entrance examination will be conducted in English. Information about the online test (URL, a user name, a password, time, etc.) will be sent to the applicant electronically (via e-mail). The content of the entrance examination involves a test in English at B2 level – Upper-Intermediate and a learning potential test in the range of the Bachelor's degree study program in the field of economics, i.e. knowledge of: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics and statistics. 

The minimum score limit for the successful completion of an entrance examination to the follow-up Master´s degree study programme in Economics and Management is set at 80 points from the maximum of 240. The minimum score limit for the successful completion of the entrance examination in the English test is set at 60 points out of the maximum of 100 points. If a greater number of applicants reach the minimum score limit than the set capacity of the study degree program provides (see Appendix No. 3), the order of the best shall decide. The Dean of the SU SBA shall decide on the admission of applicants to the study degree program. 

If a sufficient number of accepted applicants do not enrol the study degree programme, further applicants shall be accepted according to the ranking of the best within the renewed entrance examination who have met the minimum point threshold, up to the number of the specified capacity of the study degree programme. The renewal of the admission procedure is not conditioned upon the submission of the application for reviewing the non-admission decision. In the event that a sufficient minimum number of applicants do not enrol the study degree programme, the Dean of the Faculty shall reserve the right not to start teaching in the given study degree programme. 

If a student enrols for the study degree program in "Economics and Management" accredited in English, he/she shall not be allowed to transfer to the study degree program accredited in Czech. Information on the overall results of the admission procedure shall be published within 15 days after the end of the admission procedure on the official notice board of the Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karviná and on the website of the Faculty.


Mathematics and statistics
Score limit

Maximal points: 240
Minimal score for admission: 80
English max. points: 100
English min. score: 60

Thematic areas

Thematic areas to individual parts of the entrance examination and recommended study literature (pdf file) could be found here:

Sample test questions for the entrance examinations for entry into the first year of the Master’s degree programme (21 questions in a pdf file) from Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Mathematics and statistics could be found here: