Students from Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Poland

The government of Czechia has international agreements with the governments of SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, HUNGARY and POLAND that establish that the mutual recognition of academic qualifications is automatic, so there is no need for holders of any academic diplomas from these countries to go through the recognition procedure.

Students from other countries

Holders of academic diplomas issued in other countries do have to apply for the recognition of their diplomas for the purpose of further studies in Czechia. For the recognition procedure at the SU SBA it is necessary to submit following documents:

  • Legally attested copy of a diploma or similar document about graduation (notary-certified)
  • Legally attested copy of a Diploma Supplement or list of completed exams (notary-certified).

Guide on how to get legally attested copies is available here.

If the documents attached to the application are not in Czech or English language, the applicant must enclose their certified translation into Czech or English language. The process of recognition of university education is called the "recognition of foreign higher education and qualification in Czechia".

Pay the fee by card in Information system (IS) here by adding the recognition fee to the shopping cart and placing an order. Save your order number, fill in the university form and apply for recognition at Silesian University in Opava in paper form by post. You can also find all relevant information in one place here.