The Science and Research Department coordinates the Faculty's scientific research activities according to the Long-term Plan of the SU OPF's Educational, Scientific and Research Activities. The department organizes the habilitation process, increasing the qualification of the academic staff of the faculty, including the involvement of students in scientific work. R & D records projects at the faculty and assists in contact with grant agencies. It also records the publishing activities of academic staff of the faculty and ensures the annual collection of data into the national databases of research and development. The activity of the R & D department is also the management of editorial activity, whose important component is the processing and publishing of textbooks.


Silesian University in Opava
School of Business Administration in Karvina
Department of Science and Research
Univerzitní nám. 1934/3
733 40  Karviná


doc. Mgr. Ing.  Michal Tvrdoň, Ph.D.
Vice-dean for Science and Research
+420 596 398 460
Ing.  Lucie Bínová
Referent for Science and Research
+420 596 398 632
Miroslava Snopková
Referent for Science and Research
+420 596 398 222
Hana Hráčková
Referent for Science and Research
+420 596 398 334