Scheme of information for the admission procedure for a doctoral study

Completion of a university Master’s degree or studies in an equivalent degree program

Selection of the topic of the dissertation and the supervisor from the list of listed dissertations, or upon agreement of one's own topic with the supervisor and approval by the vice-dean for science and research

Preparation for submitting an application for a doctoral study and processing of mandatory annexes to the application:

  • Officially certified copy of the Master’s degree diploma.
  • Structured CV.
  • A list of research publications. If the candidate has not professionally published so far, this annex is not to be attached.
  • General propositions of the dissertation topic (hereinafter the propositions) in a minimum of 5 pages. The obligatory parts of the propositions are a summary of the current state of knowledge, the specification of the goals of the future dissertation, proposed research methods, the expected structure of the dissertation and the list of references. The propositions have to be discussed with the future supervisor.

Submission of the application – the application is submitted in electronic form at: by May 31, 2021 at the latest

Payment of the administrative fee in the amount of 500 CZK shall be completed before conducting entrance examination but no longer than May 31, 2021.

The entrance examination:

  • The entrance examination is oral and takes place before the Admission Committee. The entrance examination will be held online or physically.
  • The entrance examinations will take place in the months of October 2020 to June 2021. The candidate will be informed of the exact dates of the entrance examination after filing an application for study.
    • The candidate shall demonstrate the expert knowledge of economic theory, mathematical-statistical methods and the selected field in the extent corresponding to the Master's degree curriculum.
    • Part of the entrance examination is professional discussion on the topic of the dissertation based on the propositions that the candidate has stated in his/her application to study.
    • In the language examination the candidate shall prove his/her conversational knowledge of English and the knowledge of English terminology in relation to the topic of the thesis.

Conditions, applications and themes

Conditions for the admission to the doctoral study program accredited in English in the full-time and part-time forms of study for the academic year 2021/2022