Master of Business Economics and Management: Students’ testimonies

  • David Jančar
  • 03.02.2020
Last year, our faculty welcomed the first pioneer batch of Master’s degree students from India. During these days, the 2nd year students are busy working on their diploma thesis and preparing for the state final examination which is held at the end of the 4th semester. Still, they find some time to have fun, work, or travel! The first part of this article is dedicated to Joseph, Ebin, Benoy and Shinto, our 2nd-year students who have decided to share their stories with us. In the second part of the article, we would also like to briefly introduce our Master’s degree freshmen: Rohith and Libin.

Joseph John, a 2nd-year student

Hi, my name is Joseph John and I'm from India. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management in India. After finishing my Bachelor's degree I had been working for two different corporate companies for 2 years. While working I decided to study Master’s degree abroad, as that will give me a transcendent experience and exposure. So I started with homework on finding reputable universities around the globe. Then one fine day I got to know about the Silesian University. Eventually, I started digging up more information about the school and the courses. I found it as reliable and trustworthy. Why did I mention reliable and trustworthy? Well, being a 3rd country citizen, it isn’t that easy to find a good business school and it's not only about the school but also about the place where the school resides - it should be safe and welcoming for a 3rd country citizen. For me, Karvina is the best place to live and a very calm town. So, on December 5th, 2018, I landed in the Czech Republic. The faculty was so good at assisting all my needs. The Silesian University provided me with the relevant program which I did in the Bachelor’s degree and also our professors are really good at teaching and friendly in nature. It’s been almost one year in the Czech Republic for me and honestly speaking, I'm having a memorable time here so far, a lot of new friends and experiences. 

Last summer I spent 3 months working in Italy under the Erasmus+ internship program and I had a high time there as well. I also got a chance to visit Poland where I delivered my presentation within an international student seminar organized by our university and its Polish partner university. The Silesian University provides a lot of other opportunities such as scholarships. Last semester, I received a merit scholarship based on my fairly good grades. Great, isn't it? 

Karvina has given me a surpassing opportunity to work here. Now I'm working as an English teacher for a local high school and also for a primary school, having an amazing experience with my Czech students. Still, it always depends upon us, how we take the time and opportunity prolifically. I suggest my friends who are thinking about coming to Karvina, it’s absolutely the right decision. Do it! The right decision at the right time is the most important. Good luck.

Ebin Johnson Raphel, a 2nd-year student


I would like to bring up some sweet memories from the last summer. The first rays of summer in Karvina reminded me of something that I used to have fun with. Summer is the best time to travel and for me, it was all about reaching some beautiful beaches and that desire took me to Torretta which is a beautiful town in the south of Italy. Before summer holidays started, I had learned about the possibility to go for an Erasmus+ internship from our university and it was a right thing to do as I love to travel and I was looking for a summer job so for me it was a perfect combo!

The days in Italy have given me a lot of experience mostly in areas like working under pressure and being responsible for a whole department. I think it’s really important to gain real work experience during our studies. It will make us more familiar with the real world that we need to deal with after our studies. I was working in a hotel club resort which is located in Torretta and I was doing a shift of 40 hours a week from July to September. The best part was that they had a beautiful private beach where I used to go most every day after work. The food was amazing. As the birthplace of pizza, they amazed us with the delicious varieties of this meal each day and also, we got an opportunity to share our Indian food and culture with our colleagues. I also got to meet a lot of exciting people. I really enjoyed our teamwork and they were all really supportive. Those days have given me a lot of memories and experience which are worth a lifetime. I wish to come back once!

Benoy Porathukaran Luiz, a 2nd-year student

Days in Brussels

This semester, me and my bro decided to go for an Erasmus+ study stay to Brussels and here is our story! The city of Brussels has everything, a beautiful square called Grand Palace surrounded by many beautiful buildings. And guess what? We got an apartment right next to this amazing place! A must-see is an iconic architectural wonder called “Atomium”, of course. What we also love about Brussels is that it’s a city of parties.

We have been to lots of clubs and parties already, the people are vibrant and so open-minded. Finding new friends over here is like finding “Radegast beer” at our university parties. Trust me, it’s that easy. The transportation is very smooth, like in any major city in Europe - we use the metro for daily transport to the university and with the student card, it’s just 50 Euro per year.

Unlike in Karvina which I consider my second home, the price of beer is a little more expensive over here. However, once you know the right place, you can still enjoy the evening without hurting your pocket.

The educational system in Brussels is a bit different from the system I was used to. Courses are totally based on projects, teamwork and seminars. Personally, I like the Czech system more, it is mostly because the best support we have received so far was from our Czech professors.

Shinto Jacob, a 2nd-year student

Essentially, studying abroad has been the best decision I have ever made. This opportunity has changed my life forever and has greatly shaped the way I look and think about certain aspects of life. Studying abroad does not only allow me to go further in my education, but it also allows me to visit some of the most beautiful countries in the world. I would recommend studying abroad to anyone who is considering it even a little bit. You can’t go wrong.

My Erasmus+ internship in Italy last summer was very productive and helpful. It has been a tremendous learning experience so far and I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks to this internship I have learned how to communicate and work with people from different cultures and also learned how to deal with customers as I was working at a front office. I would like to thank our university for giving me this great lifetime experience.

Rohith Infant Felix Arputharaj, a 1st-year student

I am Rohith from Tamil Nadu, India and this is my first stay abroad. I am really happy to be here and to be a part of the Silesian University. I chose the Czech Republic because it is the heart of Europe so that I can travel and explore the surrounding countries. Our university has already shown us some wonders of the region, such as Štramberk castle or Český Těšín. During my free time, I love to travel with my friends. We have been to Prague and Český Krumlov and it was amazing. I am quite astonished by the beauty of Czechia. 

This semester we had an event called “Erasmus Day” and it was one of those unforgettable days. We shared our traditional meals, culture, lifestyle, dances and music with all the students of our university. My life in Karvina is amazing because I am able to meet people from different countries and we can share our thoughts, ideologies and culture. And moreover, I can gain more practical knowledge in my field of study because of our experienced professors. The Silesian University is trying to provide all the opportunities for its students to develop themselves not only into qualified graduates but also into better folks.

Moosa Libinsad Kurukkan, a 1st-year student

I am Moosa Libinsad from Kerala which is located in the southern part of India. I have done my Bachelor’s degree in computer science. Now I am doing my Master’s degree in Business Economics and Management at the Silesian University in the Czech Republic. The reason why I have chosen this country is because it is the heart of Europe, so I can travel and explore a lot. The Czech government is very supportive of students providing, for example, huge transportation discounts for all students. As our university has many partner universities in the European Union, the students can enjoy other benefits such as going for Erasmus+ studies to different EU countries and earning a scholarship for this activity. The university charges affordable tuition fee and taking into account that the faculty offers different kinds of scholarships for students, you don’t really have to worry much about finances. I am gaining plenty of experience day by day and I am really proud to study in this country and to be a part of the Silesian University.