International students arrived at Welcome Days with all the trimmings

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 14.10.2020
The beginning of the semester is one of the happiest moments of the year for every SBA student. Moreover, it was no different for our foreign students who came to us from different parts of Europe such as France, Greece, Lithuania, and Turkey. Even before the beginning of the semester, so-called Welcome Days are organized so that students can quickly adapt to the new environment, get to know our Faculty and the environment, and above all get to know each other.

We started Welcome Days with an active Wednesday when we were definitely not idle and set out to conquer the mountain in our beautiful Gorolia. As a goal, we chose one of the highlights of the thematic competition "With SBA to the top" to show that people live actively at SBA. While conquering Javorový (1032 m) we tested our physical limits. Our buddies decided to show us probably the steepest route leading to the top, so we enjoyed a pretty intense morning warm-up. As a reward after overcoming this peak, we could not refuse an excellent mountain meal with an even more delicious golden beverage. On the way back by train, we were so tired that we could not wait for a well-deserved rest.

After the active Wednesday, many students were happy to wait at school. The Erasmus students were acquainted with the Faculty, with the university information system and we helped them with the necessary administration. Then we had a joint lunch with our buddies, and also joined our Master's degree students, who had already returned from their student internships and our teachers from China were also present. We also could not miss a tour of Business Gate, where we were introduced to the very idea of the project and there was some space provided for a discussion and possible questions from curious students. After that, foreign students could not wait for the promised park and Areál Lodičky, where we rented boats and raced straight away. The race stirred up adrenaline in our body and was the impetus for the start of a great evening.

On Friday, we went to discover the beauties of our regional city, Ostrava. We took advantage of the seasonal event "Free admission in the Moravian-Silesian Region", so after a hearty breakfast, we went straight to the "Dolní Vítkovice" complex. The world of technology awakened our childhood curiosity in us, so we discovered and tried what we could. The weather was very good for us, so we went to the lookout tower of the New Town Hall so that we could look at industrial Ostrava from a bird's eye view. To make matters worse, we ended the evening with a chamber concert by Spanish musician Adan Sanchez.

Erasmus newcomers, current Master's degree students, as well as professors, attended Welcome Days from China, buddies, and Int. Office employees. The interaction between this diverse mixture of people has created an unforgettable experience these days, and thanks to the number of activities prepared, many have the impression that they have known each other for several years. Welcome Days are successfully over and we wish the students a nice stay and a lot of valuable experience gained studying in Karviná.

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