Teachers from China again at the Faculty

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 09.03.2020
We are very delighted that, like last academic year, we were able to welcome new Chinese teachers from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics (SXUFE), which has been our partner university since 2018.

In December, we accepted Dr. Feijie Wu, who works as a lecturer of International Trade at our partner university, so she established cooperation with the Department of Economics and Public Administration at the Faculty. The main activity of Dr.Wu will be research activities, in which she will also cooperate with Assoc.Prof. Tvrdoň, vice-dean for Science and Research and Dr.Ingrid Majerová. She will also attend a conference on New Trends in Control and Manufacturing Engineering at Regional, Cross-border and Global Level, at which she will give a presentation. Another activity will be the presentation of her own research activity in the seminar of the Department of Economics and Public Administration.

In February, we welcomed the second Chinese teacher from a partner university of the same name. Dr. Xiaoting Wang, unlike her colleague, will cooperate with the Department of Finance, where she will focus mainly on research activities. Research will focus on financial risk management, financial stability and macro-prudential policies in Europe and China. Dr.Wang will also observe and then find inspiration by the research methods of Faculty assistant professors.

Dr.Wu and Dr.Wang have been fond of Karviná since the very beginning, as their first knowledge was that there was a very clean air here and that Karviná was a safe town to live. We are very satisfied that lecturers from our partner university in Shanxi appreciate the quality of Karviná.