Welcome Days in person once again

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 27.09.2021
Everyone, including international students, was looking forward to getting together in the non-virtual world to kick off the new academic year after the countless online events that had taken place over the previous period. Welcome Days are held before the start of each new semester to bring international students together, make it easier for them to integrate into their new environment, and familiarize them with the Faculty. So far this semester, we have welcomed students from Turkey and Poland, and we anticipate that more students will arrive in the coming months, including those from Russia and India.

Author: Ing. Veronika Maťková

Welcome Days were held on 15-17 September, with a full program planned for the students. This program was mostly attended by Erasmus+ students and our Buddy team helped organize it. On Wednesday, we travelled to the regional city of Ostrava, where students were given a guided tour of Dolní Vítkovice, we also visited the street food market Černý kůň and we could not miss out on the jazz concert at the Dock club. On Thursday the students arrived at the Faculty where the enrolment took place. The students became acquainted with the SU information systems and learned practical information regarding their studies and life in Karviná. Due to bad weather on Friday we had to cancel our planned hike to the mountains, so we stayed in our most beloved town - Karviná, where we had a bowling competition and also went to Dokořán at Lodičky.

Although the students' welcome has ended, we believe that many events and trips await us throughout the semester. Erasmus Days, which will take place on October 14 and 15 and to which we cordially invite you, are one of the planned events. As part of this global celebration of the Erasmus+ programme, SBA students will not only be able to learn about opportunities to study abroad but will also be able to meet international students who can best provide them with an insight into real life and studying in a given country. On Friday, October 15, we intend to conduct a mass cleanup of the Beskydy Mountains.

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