Experience of Erasmus+ students studying at SBA

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 09.12.2019
Today we are bringing you genuine experience of Erasmus+ students studying at our faculty during winter semester 2019.

"I am Gaëlle, an Erasmus student from France. I am studying Business Administration at the School of Business Administration in Karviná for one semester. I have selected 9 subjects which are: “Intercultural Communication”, “Introduction to the Czech Language and Culture”, “Managerial skills”, “Marketing”, “Personal Development Skills for Mobilities”, “Principles of Finance”, “Professional English”, “Project Management” and “Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship”. I try to be involved as much as possible: I am part of the international team at “Business Gate”. We are working on a marketing project for the company “Iglou”. The SBA in Karviná organizes a lot of events for international students such as the Erasmus Day and International Student Seminar. 

Thanks to the localisation of Karviná, we can travel to some beautiful and big cities such as Brno, Ostrava, and Olomouc which are near. Indeed, Karviná is a small town near to the border with Poland, so we have had the opportunity to go to Cieszyn during the Erasmus trip. I have also assisted in several sports matches (football and handball matches) in Karviná. In this town, there is also a possibility to do some fitness training and to play bowling. We went to Ostrava, which is only 30 minutes away by train, to see a hockey match. In this city, there is also a possibility to go climbing, to play laser-game and to do plenty of other activities. 

There is a very good ambience in the dormitory between the Erasmus and Czech students. We play volleyball, handball and football together. There are also some parties like “Halloween Party” where we can enjoy the Czech student life."

Living in greenery, being surrounded by nature, walking in the fresh air every morning, spending healthy and peaceful days… Being a student in Karvina means being intertwined with these beauties.

You can find a natural habitat everywhere. Besides, Karvina has a beautiful and big park like many places in Czechia do. The name of the park is Božena Němcová. This place offers you the opportunity to have a nice time with your friends.

Another important issue for students is to travel. Travelling is an important, yet cumbersome part of our students’ life. However, Czechia is a great opportunity to travel as it is located in the middle of Europe. Therefore students have the chance to visit many countries.

Moreover, in terms of education, you can take advantage of many opportunities at the university and improve yourself. Karvina will offer you many opportunities in this sense. Consequently, it is so perfect to be a student, moreover, it is more perfect to be a student at Karvina.

My name is Maftuna Sayitova. I am an Erasmus student from Turkey, Kocaeli University, doing my Master’s Degree.

My Erasmus experience started in one of the most picturesque countries with a rich history located in the heart of Europe - Czech Republic. I have decided to study at the Silesian University, School of Business Administration in Karvina. Even though the town is very small and quiet it is such a cosy place with interesting historical places, and close to one of the biggest cities in Czech Republic - Ostrava. Moreover, Karvina is a perfect chance for me to write my thesis, as it is a calm place; I am not distracted and I spend my time in the library till the very evening, because it is only 2 minutes’ walk from our dorm. I am very grateful for our Erasmus coordinators for organizing interesting events and helping us with every simple question we have! And I would like to thank our buddies for taking care of us and never letting us get bored!
I am sure that many more interesting events are about to come, in which we will take an active part!

My experience of staying in one of the beautiful towns in Europe, learning new language and culture, will be the most striking and unforgettable!