Welcome Days for International Students

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 21.08.2019
For the week preceding the beginning of the winter semester, the Department of Foreign Affairs has traditionally prepared a program for newly arriving international students.

On Wednesday September 18, international students were enrolled in classes. Students got acquainted with the university building and received a promotional package.

The other day, the students were introduced to the town of Karviná. They visited Fryštát chateau, the adjacent park and the center of Karviná, where they enjoyed a lunch together. Students had the opportunity to apply for the student bus and train cards and get to know the shopping opportunities.

On Friday September 20 the students went for a one-day trip to Štramberk and to Tatra Museum in Kopřivnice. The students learned about the history of the town of Štramberk, visited Štramberk trúba and the local church, tasted Štramberk ears and lunched beer goulash in the Town Brewery in the square. Then they moved to the museum in Kopřivnice. The trip was attended by Erasmus students from Turkey and France, students from China and India accompanied by Czech "buddies", 1 teacher and an international coordinator.

On Sunday the students will celebrate the start of the new semester at the traditional college party in the dorms.